Topic Examples

  • What is Streaming? Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, Netflix, Hulu. Devices and services. Many options -- and confusion. Get the whole scoop -- how it works, what you need. Includes live demonstrations with a variety of devices.
  • Internet Radios: This would be a show and tell event, demonstrating real Internet radios. How they work. What they can do; what they cannot do. Where to buy -- not Radio Shack!
  • International News Sources: There's a mind boggling array of news sources available on the Internet. Take a guided tour around the world, with a focus on English language sources. Click here for more info
  • Search Engines: There's more to Google than meets the eye, and there are other search engines.
  • Buying a Tablet or Smartphone? Get advice on what to look for and criteria to consider.
  • Got an Android Tablet or Smartphone? Need some coaching and insight to get up and running? Have your device handy for real-time hands-on instruction!
  • Cheap Phone Service: Want an additional phone number, how about $1.49/month? Yep, it's real -- if you already have an Internet connection. Get the scoop on how to do it from a person who is doing it.
  • Home Networking: Master your router! Understand wifi. Why wifi isn't always the best option. What's 5 GHz?
  • Home Audio on the Go: Got an audio source at home you'd like to stream on your smart phone or work computer? It's cheaper to do than you might think.
  • Your Own Domain Name: Everything from A-Z. How to buy it. What to do with it.

How a Techware Party Works

Yes, you are learning, but in a more casual situation, among friends. So, it's fun, it's a party.

You decide on a topic, get at least five friends to join you and chip in for the cost of an educational visit..

The location is in the comfort of your own home in the greater Seattle area.

The cost is $180 per session for two hours. For six people, that's $15/hour/person.

The Instructor

Bruce Miller has been involved with technology since the mid 1980's and has been helping friends and associates along the way.

For 12 years he was a contributing editor of Puget Sound Computer User Magazine and contributor to national publications. The last 14 years he's been the IT person for a national association of non-fiction writers.

He's provided automation consulting and programming to law firms and designed and programmed relational database systems for various organizations.

He's an avid consumer of international news, conceiving and directly implementing a private streaming audio system of international news channels from satellites.

Getting in Touch

Please call 206 347 7600, leaving your name, number, and topic of interest (even if it isn't listed above).

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