My two-hour presentation of show and tell will include:

  • International Channels on Comcast If you have the right package, and many people do, you can get some excellent international news.
  • Special Channels on Roku Get a Roku and get international news. I'll bring my Roku to demonstrate.
  • BBC World Service from a Seattle Radio Station Did you know you can get BBC World Service over the air from a Seattle radio station? I'll show you how to get at home and in your car. I drive around Seattle listening the BBC and sometimes Radio France International on my car radio.
  • Internet Radios are Fantastic! I have nine Internet radios! I will demonstrate with a real Internet radio. How they work. What they can do. What they cannot do. What to buy. Where to buy -- not Radio Shack!
  • International TV I watched the Oscar Pistorious Trial live. Did you know you could? I will provide you with enough information to keep you busy for several months.
  • International Internet News Sources: There's a mind boggling array of news sources available on the Internet. Take a guided tour around the world, with a focus on English language sources.
  • How to get past the Aljazeera English blackout in the US Aljazeera English is an international news network.
  • Free International Channels from Satellite Yes indeed, you can get free International TV from satellites. No, not Dish or DirectTV. (But I'll cover those two paid services as well.)
  • Handout Included The presentation will include a handout full of resources.

The Instructor

Bruce Miller has been involved with technology since the mid 1980's and has been helping friends and associates along the way.

For 12 years he was a contributing editor of Puget Sound Computer User Magazine and contributor to national publications. The last 14 years he's been the IT person for a national association of non-fiction writers.

He's provided automation consulting and programming to law firms and designed and programmed relational database systems for various organizations.

He's an avid consumer of international news, conceiving and directly implementing a private streaming audio system of international news channels from satellites.

Getting in Touch

The cost for my two-hour presentation is $110 for 1-4 people at your home. More for a larger group. Give me a call at 206 347 7600 to get started.

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